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IBG VideoNews April 2014


Welcome to Ibg world.tv and our inaugural news programme where each month we bring you the latest sales and marketing challenges facing businesses today, exciting developments and breaking news.
Today we shall be covering………………..

How to grow through sales and marketing, the launch of IBGOnline.TV, a peek at inbound marketing, the importance of intelligent data, how IBG has branched out into the oil & gas industry.

We start with one of the main issues facing many companies, that of accelerating growth. Many businesses grow through their existing client base and client referrals but struggle winning new business.

There are many reasons why breaking the new business barrier is so tough and over the coming weeks we will explore these areas with real life examples.
Meantime, please go to www.outsourcedsalesandmarketing.com for more information or call 0203 368 6606.

Market indicators today showed that people are 70% more likely to engage with companies through the presentation of visual information. This is not a new phenomenon for the business to consumer world but it is quite different for the business to business world where many business owners still do not see the value of websites for their business let alone the use of video.

Reaching out to people in this way could never be more timely. IBG have created IBGOnline.tv to help clients make a real impact to their clients and prospects which will lead to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with existing clients and new business opportunities.

Expanding on our marketing services, we have also launched an inbound marketing offering which is by far the most effective marketing model for sustainable and strategic results for maximum growth through sales as well as relationship development. Excitingly, the model also has significantly higher conversion rates AND lower costs per lead.

Intelligent B2B Marketing not only provides an outstanding service to grow businesses using inbound, but also a great e-book to help understand inbound better.

Download at www.intelligentb2bmarketing.com and schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Shari Thompson.

Data is fundamental to the success of any marketing campaign — the better the quality, the better the results. Often companies are buying incorrect data which is not targeted and for companies which are not financially sound

We are very delighted to set in motion our newest service that will address this challenge, the Intelligent B2B Data — Data with a Difference. We are very proud to announce its brilliant capabilities and the impact it will have in the sales and marketing industry.

Please visit www.intelligentb2bdata.com now to request for your free quote or to download your free intelligent data on your target industry.

Over the last decade, many oil and gas companies have opened and flourished which has resulted to the growing competition between major and national oil companies.

We at IBG understand this challenge and have recently launched our IBG Oil & Gas service that specialises exclusively on Oil & Gas companies to get products and services exposed to the extremely close-knit and highly-targeted market.

Please visit www.IBGOilandGas.com to learn more about our highly-specialised Oil & Gas services for accelerated business growth.

That’s all for this month but we would love to chat more about what we do and our passion in growing business so get in touch and let us arrange a coffee! Call 0 203 368 6606 or email us at team@ibg-world.com. You may also visit our online TV channel at www.ibgworld.tv for our latest promotions and developments.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to tune in next time!



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