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IBG Intelligent Outsourced and Interim Sales & Marketing USA Version


Outsourced sales — rely on us to win sales and grow your technology / IT business
Whether you want to supplement an existing sales team or completely outsource it, IBG can partner your business with our expert sales team to convert leads, win sales and become the driving force behind your business growth.

An outsourced team of experts with IBG sales values
By specialising in the supply of sales effectiveness analysis and sales execution optimisation, it means we can also transfer these abilities to the sales staff we supply, meaning that they are fully trained in the highest standard of sales skills and managed by IBG leaders who follow the same strategies and methodologies we introduce to our clients’ businesses to help them grow.

This means that, as well as being able to rely on us for business growth, the outsourced sales team will achieve high conversion rates and make the most out of your marketing and lead generation efforts.

Overall, your organisation will only ever benefit from experienced and proven selling experts.

Flexibility to cater to your business
You may need a partial outsource to introduce new sales expertise or increase sales capacity, or you may wish to completely outsource your sales to us so we drive your business growth for you and leave your business to focus on other areas. We can create a custom solution to suit you.

Specialising in technology and IT companies
This means that the sales people we outsource to you are experienced in selling technology and IT related products and services to further boost the effectiveness of the sales team and win more business for your company.

Contact us now for a free initial consultation on sales outsourcing
Click here or call +44 020 368 6606 to arrange an appointment where we can discuss more what we can do when it comes to handling your sales and helping to drive business growth.



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